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B2B Incredible India Business Networking Event in Dubai Establishes Strong Business Ties with GCC Buyers to Foster Tourism Visitorship to India

In a collaborative effort supported by The Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of India, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and VFS Global successfully hosted a B2B Incredible India Evening – “Fostering Partnerships and Connections” on 8th May 2024 at Taj Dubai. This exclusive event brought together key industry professionals to foster partnerships and connections within the travel and tourism sector, with a primary focus on driving tourism visitorship to India.

The event witnessed the participation of 200+ esteemed buyers from across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, who engaged with an impressive array of 40 Indian stakeholders, including state tourism boards, Destination Management Companies (DMCs), and airline partners. This platform provided invaluable networking opportunities, enabling meaningful discussions and offering insights into the diverse offerings that India, as a premier travel destination, has to offer.

The overall success of Incredible India networking event was a result of culmination of a vision to invest in the entire eco-system of Travel and Tourism & Hospitality industry internationally and with the right partners.

Mr. Gyan Bhushan, IES – Senior Economic Advisor, Ministry of Tourism, India, said, “As India continues to assert its position as a premier global travel destination, fostering collaborations and partnerships within the tourism sector is imperative for realizing its vast potential. By facilitating direct engagement between GCC buyers and Indian tourism stakeholders, this event not only opens new avenues for collaboration but also lays a robust foundation for sustainable tourism growth. The Government of India is dedicated to improving tourism infrastructure and making India a top global travel destination. Such initiatives underscore the significance of concerted efforts in promoting India’s rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and unique experiences to visitors worldwide. Together, we are shaping a vibrant and inclusive tourism ecosystem that showcases the best of India to the world.”

Mrs. Jyoti Mayal, President of TAAI, said “Under the visionary guidance of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, the collaboration between TAAI and the Ministry of Tourism exemplifies a dynamic Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model poised to revolutionize India’s tourism landscape. This alliance is not merely about promoting tourism; it’s about actualizing it through a tangible increase in visitor numbers. This strategic partnership supports TAAI members, including travel agents and tour operators, and fosters connections with dedicated stakeholders, paving the way for successful business transactions. Our collective goal is to cultivate a multitude of synergies that will propel the growth of tourism in India, reflecting the government’s commitment to transforming the nation into a premier global destination. This in UAE is the first of a kind to be replicated globally.

The PPP model is pivotal in this transformation, as it harnesses the strengths of both sectors to optimize resource allocation, share risks, and foster innovation. It is a call to action for stakeholders to invest in a sector that is not only a cornerstone of economic growth but also a bridge to cultural exchange and understanding. By investing in tourism, stakeholders are investing in the nation’s future, creating jobs, and promoting sustainable development. It is through such investments that we can ensure the longevity and success of India’s tourism industry, making it a beacon of opportunity and a testament to the power of partnership.”

Highlighting the significance of the event, Mr. Jiten Vyas, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Business Development, VFS Global, said, “The B2B Incredible India Evening serves as a significant platform for industry stakeholders to come together and explore avenues for collaboration. As a truly Made in India company, VFS Global is proud to partner with TAAI to facilitate engagements that further enhance the Indian travel sector.”

With the GCC region being a key source market for Indian tourism, initiatives such as the B2B Incredible India Evening play a crucial role in strengthening business ties and encouraging long-term partnerships. By facilitating direct engagement between GCC buyers and Indian tourism stakeholders, the event opens up new avenues for collaboration and lays the foundation for sustainable tourism growth.

As India continues to position itself as a leading global travel destination, collaborative efforts between industry players are essential for realizing the potential of its tourism sector. Events like the B2B Incredible India Evening serve as catalysts for driving innovation, fostering partnerships, and ultimately enhancing the tourism experience for visitors from across the globe.

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