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The Need to Feed

The Need to Feed
Israeli Agriculture – a case study of entrepreneurship and innovation
An opportunity for cooperation in India
Invitation to participate in a professional seminar.
May 2-3, 2023
The need to feed has led the Israeli agricultural sector in the last century to its worldwide, well-known achievements. The need to feed the Israeli population from a hostile environment with limited resources, such as land, water, and manpower, created an innovative and creative sector that is now leading the world in many aspects.
The Israeli Agri-tech sector has become an efficient industry, competitive to many others. As of today, this is an export-oriented industry that is looking for new markets, new partners, and joint ventures with global businessmen and companies around the world.
The agricultural sector in India is a major contributor to the country’s economy. It is facing similar challenges like the ones Israel has had to face. That is, the need to feed a fast-growing population, while urbanization creates a manpower shortage in the rural areas, deficiency of irrigation water, and competition for land resources from other users. Just as with Israel, Indian agriculture must become more efficient and more extensive to meet its challenges.
Being a part agriculture and siting program, The Need to Feed seminar will enable its participants to meet Israeli farmers and businessmen, learn about modern agriculture, and build their own future networks.

Sammy Yahia, Director of tourism India & Philippines
Israel is widely recognized as a leader in the field of Agri-tech. The country has a long history of innovation in agriculture and has developed several cutting-edge technologies for improving crop yields, reducing water usage, and enhancing the overall efficiency of agricultural systems. Some of the key areas of focus in Israel’s Agri-tech sector include precision agriculture, water management, and alternative growing methods such as hydroponics and aeroponics. Additionally, the country has a strong start-up ecosystem that is driving further innovation in this field”.

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