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Rad Elan Brings You the Traditional Tamerlane blended scotch whisky at a very attractive price.

Rad Elan Brings You the Traditional Tamerlane blended scotch whisky at a very attractive price.

Exclusively sourced from Scotland and sustainably- framed Tamerlane blended scotch Whiskey is varied and occasionally intimidating, ranging from the light and heathery to the smoky and medicinal, with a huge gamut in-between. The world of scotch whisky was closed down with lot of distilleries in 1980s and 1990s, but now there has been a recent Scotch whisky revival with some new exciting entrants to produce this illustrious spirit drink, rivalled only by fine wine for depth.

This Traditional Scottish whisky is the classic Speyside flavour which is smooth, soft and rich in texture. The spirit is matured in American white oak bourbon casks and Spanish casks, precious sherry barrels, with a sweet and delicate texture combined with a mellow and full layer, create a balanced yet lingering taste it is similar as Jonny walker black label.

Tamerlane blended scotch Whiskey runs by Rad Elan Distributor Private Limited, the best Scottish whisky – perfect for drinking. is now available in India with very attractive price from 1500 to 2500 a bottle, as well as styles, so whether you’re new to the world of scotch or know exactly what you like, we’ve got a regional whisky brand to everybody. For more details you can visit our website-

Rad Elan Distributor Private Limited, are importer of premium wine and spirits, as premium liquor distributors with a Pan India presence.
Rad Elan have versatile portfolio consists of Imported alcoholic beverages. Beers, Wines (all types), Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Champagne Tequila and many more to explore from our liquor on-line.
RAD ELAN is an ideal place to check our offering from a vast selection of iconic brands to enthusiasts of India.

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